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Workshops & Classes

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Developmental Movement Workshop

for caregivers of children ages birth–walking

This is a 1.5 hour workshop led by an experienced pediatric physical therapist. During this workshop, participating caregivers will learn about typical developmental milestones that occur from ages birth to walking age. This workshop includes demonstrations of motor milestones, handling skills, handouts and toy demonstrations.

Cost dependant on venue


Infant Massage Workshop

for caregivers of infants 0-6 months

This is a 45 minute group workshop led by a certified infant massage instructor. Designed to teach caregivers infant massage and workshop cost includes small bottle of massage oil as well as informational handouts.

Cost dependant on venue

Developmental Movement Classes

This class is taught by an experienced pediatric physical therapist . The classes are divided into two age groups ( Super Sailors and Curious Cruisers)that are tailored to suit age appropriate education regarding milestones, purposeful play activities, handling skills and toy demonstrations.


Super Sailors

Developmental Movement Class for babies birth - 6 mo.

This group will help caregivers learn to set up purposeful play environments, go over tummy time ideas, and rolling & sitting exercises that will help parents confidently lead their child to reaching important gross motor milestones.

Cost $25+/class


Curious Cruisers Class 

Developmental Movement Class for babies 7 mo. – walking

This group focuses mainly on transitions—floor & side play, into and out of sitting, hands and knees as well as crawling, standing, even walking skills. This course is designed to help parents and children be successful in meeting these essential gross motor milestones.

Cost $25+/class

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