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Professional Training Workshops

Meagan O’Neill, PT, CIMI-2, offers comprehensive in-service sessions, available both virtually and in person. These sessions are designed for professionals involved in any aspect of infant care and development.

Whole Body Wellness: Tethered Oral Tissues Workshop

In this workshop you will learn about the different types of tethered oral tissues in infants including signs and symptoms, and how they affect the whole body. Tethered oral tissues can affect feeding, breathing, sleeping, and movement. Believe it or not, our tongue is connected to our toes through a deep fascial line. The tongue helps to direct craniofacial development which affects feeding, breathing, and sleeping. This training will teach you to recognize an oral restriction and who to refer to for further evaluation. 

Infant Development: The First Year

In this workshop, you will learn about infant development from birth to 12 months as it relates to cognition, speech development, feeding, and motor skills. There will be more emphasis on motor skills and how to include purposeful play into daily routines.

Workshop Cost  

75-minute presentation - $150.00

Includes time for questions, comments, and discussion.

90-minute presentation - $185.00

Includes time for questions, comments, and discussion.

Travel Fee  

A travel fee will be applied based on location workshop will be given.

Have other questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out at any time!

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