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Developmental Wellness

Developmental Wellness is for families looking for support and advice for encouraging age appropriate gross motor skills. Ahoy Baby provides in-person clinic visits with tailored support and activities to enhance children's motor skills, offering reassurance about typical development and guidance for continued support at home.

Developmental Wellness visits are conducted in person at the clinic.  This option is for parents who would like support and suggested activities to help enhance their child’s motor skills.


Our PT will provide purposeful play activities and ideas to help support baby's journey toward milestones such as rolling, sitting, crawling, transitions and walking. These wellness visits are also meant to give caregivers peace of mind regarding attaining milestones, and provide answers regarding typical motor development and when to seek a more detailed physical therapy evaluation.


A brief written report will be provided with an overview of the child’s skills, and suggested activities to do with your child.

Cost of Services: 

With Insurance: 

This service is NOT reimbursable by insurance.

Private pay rates:

Consultation: $75

Milestone Package (5) 1-hour consultations: $300

Developmental Wellness


45 minutes  (This service is not reimbursable by insurance)

Milestone Package

Includes: Five (5) 1-hour consultations to be used anytime during baby's first year.


Suggested time frame for visits:

  • Newborn-2 months:   tummy time activities , tracking. check for asymmetries, education on prevention of flat head

  • 3-4 months - focus on rolling skills, reaching

  • 5-7 months  - focus on sitting milestones

  • 8-10 months - focus on supporting crawling, transitions

  • 11-14 months - standing and walking

Developmental Wellness Cost

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