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Newborn's Care

Infant Massage Instruction

60-minute session teaching infant massage strokes to parents and caregivers. Suitable for newborns to pre-crawlers. Infant massage can be performed daily for maximum benefit!

Infant massage instruction goes beyond physical benefits for babies; it establishes a profound connection within families. This practice becomes a family tradition, creating relaxed and playful communication moments between parent and child. This instruction session is taught by Certified Infant Massage Instructor, Meagan O'Neill.

General Benefits for Babies:

  • Faster weight gain 

  • Improve cardiac and respiratory output 

  • Better sleeping patterns 

  • Release of hormones for food absorption and digestion 

  • Skin stimulation 

  • Improvement of muscle tone 

  • Enhanced neurological development 

  • Improvement of sensory awareness 

  • Provide a special communication /development of non-verbal communication 

  • Promotes self esteem and respect 

General Benefits for Families

  • Benefits for parents & families 

  • Be in the moment & let go of days’ stress 

  • Parents feel more confident in their ability to read baby’s cues- empowers parents 

  • Encourages the parents ability to soothe & meet baby’s needs 

  • Promotes a parent’s healthy self esteem, validating their role as parents 

  • Increase the parents confidence to follow their intuitive sense 

  • Release of hormones from mother to nurture the baby 

  • Enhance communication & respect 

  • Infant massage becomes a family tradition 

  • Can be a time for parent and child to communicate in a relaxed a playful manner 

  • Special time between father & child 

Cost of Services: 

With Insurance: 

This service is NOT reimbursable by insurance.

Private pay rates:

Instruction Session: $80

Infant Massage Instruction Session

45-60 minutes of Infant Massage Stroke Instructions with caregivers

Infant Massage Cost

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