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During the critical first year of life, your baby's brain undergoes significant growth, particularly in areas governing physical development. This guide was developed by Pediatric Physical Therapist, Meagan O'Neill, MSPT, CIMI-2, and is designed to harness this rapid brain development while supporting infants in reaching their full potential.


As the founder of Ahoy Baby Pediatric Physical Therapy & Wellness in Topsfield, MA, Meagan brings over a decade of expertise as a pediatric physical therapist, empowering families to guide their babies through crucial motor milestones.


Engage in purposefully play with your baby.

Help them to achieve developmental milestones. With over 35 age-appropriate exercises, from Visual Tracking to Walking, this comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions and guidance on facilitating various movements.


What sets this guide apart is its interactive approach.

Alongside detailed written instructions, each exercise includes a QR code linking to instructional videos, allowing parents to visually grasp each activity's execution. Meagan understands that every parent plays a pivotal role in their baby's development, and she equips them with practical, hands-on strategies to incorporate into daily routines.


This guide is not medical advice nor a replacement for an evaluation with a skilled health professional. This guide is meant for educational purposes only.

Navigating Motor Milestones in Your Infant's First Year by Meagan O'Neill

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Expected to ship the week of August 10th 2024
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