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Pediatric Physical Therapy

Sleeping Baby

Learn Infant Massage

Infant Massage

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Developmental Wellness

Baby Learning to Walk

Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) Therapy

Description of Services

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy

 An initial evaluation is performed to address developmental delays, torticollis, neurological impairment, tethered oral tissues, down syndrome, prematurity and a variety of other diagnoses.

A comprehensive care plan is established and recommended follow-up visits are suggested.

Therapy Techniques Can Include:

  • Whole Body Vibration – Uses our  Hypervibe vibration plate to provide extra sensory input to help produce greater motor output

  • Task Specific Electrical Stimulation (TASES) – eStimulation Unit provides sensory input for children who need assistance in reaching their next movement goals. Improves the function of muscles and movements related to a particular tasks.

  • Spinal Stimulation – Using our eStimulation Unit, this technique was developed with Spina Bifida in mind that includes use of electrical stimulation over the spinal cord to provide sensory input to improve muscle function and sensory awareness.

  • Theratogs – This is a postural control wearable system

  • Total Motion Release – Involves stretching and bodywork to improve range of motion and decrease tension.

Initial Evaluation  

(1) hour-long in person  evaluation to address developmental delays, torticollis, neurological impairment, tethered oral tissues, down syndrome, prematurity and a variety of other diagnoses. Includes a detailed evaluation write up and follow up plan.


Cost: Contact to get rate information. Rate will be dependent on insurance carrier or private pay. Private pay discounts available.


Follow up visit(s)

60 minutes. Follow up visits are available once initial evaluation has been completed.

Cost: After initial evaluation, discuss cost with therapist. Will be dependent on insurance carrier or private pay.  Private pay discounts available. 

*Custom package discounts available

PT Intensive Sessions

Choose duration 1, 2, or 3 weeks. Custom plans discussed with each family

  (This service may be reimbursable by insurance)

Infant Massge Instruction

Infant Massage Instruction

60 minute session teaching infant massage strokes to parents and caregivers. Suitable for newborns to pre crawlers. Infant massage can be performed daily for maximum benefit!

General Benefits for Babies:

  • Faster weight gain 

  • Improve cardiac and respiratory output 

  • Better sleeping patterns 

  • Release of hormones for food absorption and digestion 

  • Skin stimulation 

  • Improvement of muscle tone 

  • Enhanced neurological development 

  • Improvement of sensory awareness 

  • Provide a special communication /development of non-verbal communication 

  • Promotes self esteem and respect 

General Benefits for Families

  • Benefits for parents & families 

  • Be in the moment & let go of days’ stress 

  • Parents feel more confident in their ability to read baby’s cues- empowers parents 

  • Encourages the parents ability to soothe & meet baby’s needs 

  • Promotes a parent’s healthy self esteem, validating their role as parents 

  • Increase the parents confidence to follow their intuitive sense 

  • Release of hormones from mother to nurture the baby 

  • Enhance communication & respect 

  • Infant massage becomes a family tradition 

  • Can be a time for parent and child to communicate in a relaxed a playful manner 

  • Special time between father & child 

 Infant Massage Instruction Session

45-60 minutes of Infant Massage Stroke Instructions with caregivers.

Cost: $80

Developmental Wellness

Developmental Wellness 

Developmental wellness visits are conducted in person at the clinic or virtually. This option is for parents who would like support and suggested activities to help enhance their child’s motor skills.


Our PT will provide purposeful play activities and ideas to help support baby's journey toward milestones such as rolling, sitting, crawling, transitions and walking. These wellness visits are also meant to give caregivers peace of mind regarding attaining milestones, and provide answers regarding typical motor development and when to seek a more detailed physical therapy evaluation.  


A brief written report will be provided with an overview of the child’s skills, and suggested activities to do with your child. This service is not reimbursable by insurance. 

Developmental Wellness


45 minutes  (This service is not reimbursable by insurance)

Cost: $75

*Custom package discounts available

Milestone Package

Includes: Five (5) 1-hour consultations to be used anytime during baby's first year.


Suggested time frame for visits:

  • Newborn-2 months:   tummy time activities , tracking. check for asymmetries, education on prevention of flat head

  • 3-4 months - focus on rolling skills, reaching

  • 5-7 months  - focus on sitting milestones

  • 8-10 months - focus on supporting crawling, transitions

  • 11-14 months - standing and walking

Cost: $300


Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) Therapy

Meagan O'Neill, MSPT, CIMI-2 is presently DMI level B trained. She plans to continue her training with DMI in the future. Our passion at Ahoy Baby is to help children succeed and reach their highest potential while empowering caregivers along the way. Therefore, we are constantly educating ourselves on therapeutic techniques that will help children and families effectively. We are proud to offer Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) therapy at Ahoy Baby. 

We will be offering DMI therapy as part of regular physical therapy as well as offering intensives that can include DMI. These intensives can be conducted in 1, 2, or 3-week-long packages. Custom packages will be discussed with each family. 

Intensive Sessions

(consisting of DMI, electrical stimulation, Vibration plate, Theratogs, etc.)
Choose duration 1, 2, or 3 weeks. Custom plan discussed with each family.


Cost​: varies dependent on duration

*This service may be reimbursable by insurance, discuss with therapist

Weight Limit Policy

Due to the physical nature of performing DMI exercises, there is a weight limit to ensure the safety of PT and ensure your child is getting the most from the intensive. The weight limit is 35 lbs.

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