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Infant Oral Motor Therapy

Infant Oral Motor Therapy provides support for infants aged birth to 6 months with oral motor dysfunction and suspected oral ties.

This therapy uses developmentally appropriate activities with a skilled physical therapist. We have advanced knowledge and training regarding infant oral motor dysfunction and ways to help.  Are you having trouble bottle or breastfeeding? At Ahoy Baby we will conduct a full body assessment to problem solve the feeding difficulty your little one is having.  A diagnosis of an oral tie is not a prerequisite for having oral motor dysfunction.


Ahoy Baby also offers physical therapy pre and post-frenectomy. Our team takes a full body approach to care which includes collaboration with the entire team of caregivers and doctors including the release provider, pediatrician, IBCLC, OT, SLP, DC, all caregivers)


All oral motor therapy care at Ahoy Baby consists of education regarding positioning, handling, wound care, oral motor exercises, and full-body activities

Cost of Services: 

With Insurance: 

Cost will be dependent on insurance reimbursement which will be discussed before the first visit.

Private pay rates:

Evaluations: $175

Follow-up visits: $125

Initial Evaluation  

(1) hour-long phone call evaluation to discuss concerns and then schedule an evaluation if indicated. After the evaluation follow-up visits will be discussed and a home exercise program will be offered.

Follow-up visit(s)

60 minutes. Follow-up visits are available once the initial evaluation has been completed.



Infant Oral Motor Therapy Cost

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