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Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) Therapy

Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) is a therapeutic technique used in therapy to treat children with motor delays by improving their postural responses and helping each child progress toward developmental milestones (ie. rolling, sitting, four-point, crawling, standing, walking, and transitions).  

DMI stimulates neuroplasticity to help your child’s brain make new and improved connections and develop their motor milestones. 

Meagan O'Neill, MSPT, CIMI-2 is presently DMI level B trained.  Our passion at Ahoy Baby is to help children succeed and reach their highest potential while empowering caregivers along the way. Therefore, we are constantly educating ourselves on therapeutic techniques that will help children and families effectively. We are proud to offer Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) therapy at Ahoy Baby. We will be offering DMI therapy as part of regular physical therapy. ​ ​


Who can benefit from DMI?

DMI is a good fit for most children and can benefit those that haven’t met many of their milestones. This can include a wide range of delays—from those who aren’t rolling yet to children walking that need help with stairs, more difficult terrain, etc. Regardless of your child’s level of cognition and extent of neurological deficit or damage, they may benefit from DMI motor intervention because it works to stimulate neuroplasticity in the developing brain.


Children diagnosed with any type of motor delay (big or small) including conditions such as; Down Syndrome, Cerebral palsy, global developmental delay, hypotonia, chromosomal abnormalities/genetic disorders, spinal cord lesions, or acquired brain injury may benefit from this form of therapy.


Children with risk factors for delays, such as those who are born prematurely, can also benefit from this therapy. This is due to the strong neuroplastic changes that this treatment stimulates within the developing brain

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Cost of Services: 

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Dependent upon insurance coverage

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Varies dependent on the duration

DMI Cost

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