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Building a
strong foundation from day one.

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential and meet important developmental milestones successfully. 


Ahoy Baby was founded by Meagan O'Neill, pediatric physical therapist,  to serve children and their families in the North Shore, MA. Our services include assessment of a child’s development with a focus on gross motor skills, oral motor skills for babies birth to 6 months, head turning preference,  and body tension. Pediatric physical therapy can include DMI ,TASES, Spinal Stimulation, whole body vibration,  infant massage services, and manual therapy.


Workshops & Classes

Infant massage and developmental movement classes & workshops led by a developmental expert are offered regularly to parents and caregivers who want the very best for their baby's growth and development.

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Licensed pediatric physical therapist and certified infant massage instructor, Meagan O'Neill MSPT, CIMI-2 offers pediatric physical therapy and wellness services to families with children aged birth–6. Her expertise focuses on neurological impairments, motor delays, head shape anomalies, tension and movement challenges but also covers other issues that may prevent your child from reaching important milestones.

Professional Training

Are you a professional in infant care? Explore our professional training workshops with Meagan O'Neill, PT, CIMI-2.

Baby's Grasp

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Meagan O'Neill  MSPT, CIMI-2

I wholeheartedly believe in in empowering families to take the wheel, let out the sail, and navigate through rough waters to their goals.

Meagan has been in the field of pediatric physical therapy since 2004. Her passion and expertise is with children who present with a variety of neuromotor impairments. Meagan specializes in infant and toddler development with a focus on torticollis, plagiocephaly, motor milestones and manual therapy. Meagan has developed a pediatric therapy tool box that includes new and innovative approaches to pediatric therapy including  manual therapy techniques, DMI, Whole body vibration, Spinal stimulation and functional stimulation. 

Meagan and her son Duke

Meagan and her son Duke

Lauren L.

Meagan has been working with my grandson for over 9 months. He has a rare and multi-faceted syndrome that has resulted in a number of neurological and developmental delays. Covid complicated things a bit, but once we could move forward with in-person Physical Therapy, Meagan started coming to the house once a week for 90 minutes and was able to increase it to two times a week in 2022. Her skillset is amazing and Jaxson took to her right away. She recognizes his needs and pushes him gently to achieve his developmental goals. Her insights have brought others into the house to support speech and language, occupational therapy as well as inviting other program leads who can loan equipment, help navigate the Massachusetts healthcare program and provide respite relief. She also helped Jaxson's parents pursue a grant to fund special needs like eyewear not covered by insurance. She is easy to engage with and is always willing to go the extra mile.

Meagan has been flexible with her time and has continued to support Jaxson even though he is no longer in her 'district.' Their bond is strong and her approach to his therapy has proven time and time again that consistency, mixed with creativity and hard work pay huge dividends. We are very fortunate to have her as part of Jaxson's team.

Alyssa S.

Last year I delivered my first baby at 34 weeks.  He had some medical challenges and being a first time mom, I was worried about bringing home a premature baby. 
A few months later I contacted Early Intervention and was lucky enough to meet Meagan for Physical Therapy. 
She worked with my son and I weekly for several months.
She is so knowledgeable, easily approachable and patient.  I loved how hands on she was with the baby.  She was able to show me so many techniques which helped with my sons development. 
Being a mom herself, she has so much experience and suggestions to offer. 

My son and I were so disappointed when we heard Meagan was changing job locations. To this day I still reach out to her for advice.  And I'm hoping to get together with her soon! 
We are forever grateful for her expertise with babies and children, and helping us get through some difficult times.

She is highly, highly recommended!

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